Friends of Liberty

At Liberty Brewing, we like to give credit where it is due. Below is a list of people who have helped make Liberty Brewing what it is today. Through their generosity of time, skill, talent and patience... Whether working for beer, love or money the list of people below have inspired, developed, gave, helped, distributed and shaped what you see as “Liberty Brewing” today. Without them, you wouldn’t even know about us. Please take the time to check them out.

  • Stephen Plowman Hallertau
  • Carl Vasta Tuatara
  • Michael Neilson Tuatara
  • Luke Nicholas Epic Brewing Company
  • Dominic Kelly Hashigo Zake
  • Craig Bowen BeerNZ
  • Stu McKinlay & Sam Posseniskie Yeastie Boys
  • Kelly Ryan Good George
  • Wendy Roigard Valkyrie
  • Keith Galbraith & Ian Ramsay Galbraiths Alehouse
  • Barry Hannah
  • Simon Courtney Deflux
  • Greig McGill Brewaucracy
  • Kelly Milligan
  • Eric Angus Artesian of Amber
  • Andrew Sharpe KegCo

Liberty Brewing Co.

Joseph & Christina Wood

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Phone Joe - 027 572 0209
Christina - 021 422 961

Brewed & bottled 1171 Coatsville Riverhead Highway